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Are there new rules and regulations affecting the mortgage industry? How will mortgage industry trends affect your organization? We report and analyze federal rules and regulations, industry trends and data to help you determine if and how you are affected.

What’s the Frequency?

Keeping Up with Tax Installment Changes

Mortgage servicers are routinely challenged by making timely escrow tax payments. Consistency is key. If you know property taxes in a state or region are always due at the same time, forecasting workload volume and staffing needs can be more easily predicted. However, some taxing jurisdictions tinker with collection schedules or offer alternate tax pay installment options that force servicers to stay on their toes.


The Cheesehead Challenge

Unique Tax Collection Policies in Wisconsin

Wisconsin state legislation outlines unique property tax payment options for each mortgage borrower. Property tax statements are typically mailed mid-December, this among other factors can be challenging for mortgage lenders looking to make year-end tax payment disbursements. For the Wisconsin mortgage lender, awareness of these tax collection nuances and a basic understanding of the Wisconsin property tax playbook is an essential first step towards a winning tax season.

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2015 California Mortgage Tax Report

Billing & Delinquency Trends in California

Property tax management is vital to keeping your real property portfolio safe and healthy. Not knowing bill amounts or the delinquency status of properties carries serious ramifications. In this comprehensive report, LERETA has analyzed and highlighted current trends in property tax bill amounts and delinquencies across 53 counties in California. By downloading this report, you will gain insight into potential risks your portfolio may be facing.

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