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Chris C. Masten, Chief Information Officer

“LERETA is committed to providing the most technologically advanced hardware and software solutions to our clients. Our highly experienced IT teams continually enhance all areas of technology at LERETA. We empower our development teams to provide the most efficient, user-friendly and flexible tax and flood service systems, allowing us to deliver industry-leading customizable features and reports to our customers.”

Chris Masten has over 20 years of domain knowledge to LERETA. He has successfully managed the design, development and implementation of technology solutions for a variety of companies with a concentration on n-tier internet based software products, mainframe distributed products, team building and a strict focus on financial performance.

From 1991 to 1994, Chris was the National Litigation Support Manager for Howrey and Simon, based in Washington DC. Chris’ understanding of the value of presentation technologies drove significant market growth for his company.

In 1994, Chris joined Arthur Andersen as a senior manager to enhance the Advanced Technology Team in Los Angeles. Chris oversaw the design and development of the Cypress Technology and E-Business Unit that today is part of KPMGs Forensic Technology Services delivering E-business solutions to Legal Fortune 500 clients.

In 2000, Chris joined Loopnet.com to bring order to the informational systems that are used to drive the commercial real estate services that power Loopnet. Chris was able to have a powerful impact on Loopnets ability to establish itself as the number one provider of commercial real estate on the net today. Loopnet achieved its initial public offering in 2006.

In 2007, Chris joined Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, the nation’s largest supplier of replacement cost data to the insurance and underwriting industry. Chris' focus was to oversee product development and project management. He was successful in building a high performance team, improving timelines, quality and cost of customer deliverables.

In his current role as CIO, Chris is working closely with all levels of IT, business and executive management to assure that LERETA continues its reputation of quality service, security and customer support.


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