Delinquency Tax Reporting

Our advanced reporting system searches all your loans for delinquent real estate taxes. Reports are timed in accordance with the posting of payments by tax collecting agencies to ensure you make payments in time. 

Minimize fees & penalties

LERETA searches contracted loans for delinquent taxes to protect your assets and minimize delinquency fees and penalties. Delinquency reports are conveniently available online 24/7 and stored on LERETAnet for 3 years.

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key benefits of delinquency reporting

  • Reassurance - We provide a follow-up search 60 days after the annual search and collect redemption amounts to pay
  • Complete coverage - Escrowed loans paid back through LERETA are also searched to guarantee borrowers are in compliance
  • The flexibility you need - Delinquency reports are customizable to your needs
  • Quick notification to borrowers - Easily print customized delinquent letters to borrowers through LERETAnet
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