LERETA Selects Tiffany Stringfellow as Vice President of Business Development

Tiffany Stringfellow has proven experience in the industry. Most recently, she spent 13 years with CoreLogic where she focused on multiple projects including solutions design in advisory services, capital market business development and regional sales in Northern California. She is responsible for maintaining and growing the relationships with LERETA’s largest clients. READ MORE

LERETA promotes Susan Portnoy

In her new role as Senior Vice President, Portnoy will oversee LERETA’s new product development initiatives including the Total Tax Solutions platform, business intelligence, data and analytics. She is also responsible for the project management office, client portfolio tax line creation, maintenance and audit, vendor management as well as centralized claims, quality control and quality assurance. READ MORE

How to Create the Company Culture You Want

Written by Brian Blake & John Permejo

Very few companies spend adequate time on developing their corporate culture and instead just let it happen. Today, many companies try and make the working environment more fun and entertaining by offering relaxed break areas with video games, ping pong tables, pool tables, etc., to improve employee morale, but sadly they do not address underlying issues that affect employee engagement and ultimately productivity. READ MORE

LERETA Provides Legislative Updates from One Online Site

LERETA now provides clients with the latest information on newly introduced and enacted regulations regarding tax and flood on its LERETAnet website. LERETA clients can review and track legislation that could affect their portfolio as well as the services they receive from LERETA. READ MORE

Surplus Funds: What Mortgage Servicers Can Do To Recover These Funds

Written by Greg Oppenheimer

All properties owe real estate taxes to their local government agencies. When taxes owed are not paid, the property is typically sold at tax deed sale or tax lien certificate sale, allowing the government to collect the delinquencies, incurred costs, fees, etc. Once the property is sold, the jurisdiction deducts what is owed in delinquent taxes, fees, etc., and any funds leftover are deemed Surplus or Excess Funds. READ MORE

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