Black Knight Forms Strategic Relationship with LERETA to Integrate Tax Service

Innovative tax reporting solution will enhance servicing capabilities of MSP system

Black Knight, Inc. a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, has entered a strategic relationship with LERETA, LLC, the leading national provider of real estate tax and flood services for mortgage servicers, to enhance tax reporting services to Black Knight’s MSP servicing system customers. READ MORE

Attribute-Rich Building Footprints Make Flood Prediction More Accurate

Cowritten by Priscilla Anand

Floods cost homeowners, business owners, communities, and farmers billions of dollars in infrastructure and property damages. The impacts from these natural disasters are vast, causing loss of life, destruction of property, devastation to agriculture, loss of livestock, and severe health issues from waterborne diseases. READ MORE

Lenders Need a Tax Service Provider Dedicated to Innovation, Transparency and Partnership

As an industry leader, LERETA has achieved the highest customer service levels in the tax service industry.

The tax service industry is a notoriously complicated business, resulting in very few national tax providers in the industry. As servicers further develop a digital strategy, they need partners who will remain at the forefront of their innovation initiatives. LERETA, a national tax service provider, is committed to helping the industry evolve through innovation, transparency and partnership. READ MORE

Navigating the World of HOA

Written by Jacqueline Coffer

The property tax industry is riddled with challenges, ranging from missing exemptions and orphaned accounts to the ever-changing list of special collection districts. When performed improperly, homeowner association data collection presents another obstacle that could cost loan servicers thousands of dollars in fines or even worse, the forfeiture of a property. READ MORE

Lenders Could Be At Financial Risk Despite Protection With Home Flood Insurance

Written By Priscilla Anand, GIS Technical Manager

As flooding across the U.S. continues to be a serious issue, the effect of loss or damage to homes has dramatically increased. And because most properties are financed, that home serves as collateral to lenders. This in turn means that lenders have a greater financial stake when properties are damaged by flood waters. READ MORE

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