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Regulation AB – What Leadership Needs to Know

By Jessica Phoonphiphatana, Vice President and Business Operation Manager & Karen Stephens, Vice President and Outsource Manager at LERETA

With new regulations sweeping the financial industry, it is important that bank leadership and lenders do not forget to properly monitor their compliance with existing rules. Regulation AB is such rule that can land lenders in a world of trouble if not followed correctly. Read More


Why It's Crucial to Properly Handle Property Taxes

By: Richard Yonis
August 31, 2016

Property tax season may seem daunting, just like income tax season, but it certainly does not have to be. With the right processes and partnerships in place, companies can rest easy and feel confident that property taxes are paid correctly. Read More


LERETA Whitepaper Examines Unique Property Tax Rules for Wisconsin

Do you have loans in Wisconsin? The Cheesehead Challenge, a white paper prepared by LERETA's tax experts, Douglas Dick and Sandra Rodarte, explains Wisconsin's unique property tax rules and what lenders need to do to ensure compliance in the state.

When It Comes To Mortgage Compliance, Every Detail Counts

Managing property taxes effectively is crucial to ensure compliance. Our CEO, John Walsh, wrote a blog featured in MortgageOrb telling why.

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