We partner with the industry’s top property insurance providers excelling in Extraordinary Service. Our strategic alliances offer our customers the perfect solutions to meet their needs.

Lender-Placed Property Insurance

Comprehensive property insurance solutions to protect your loans from uninsured losses and compliance risks.

Complete coverage

Our insurance partners offer Lender-Placed Property Insurance options that are consistent, reliable and protect your assets. Whether you have a large or small portfolio our partners can both track and provide competitive property insurance coverage. Without protection you are exposing your investment to costly uninsured losses and lack of compliance fees. Our partners can defend your loan portfolio from these risks.

Lender-placed property insurance services include:

  • Portfolio tracking to ensure coverage
  • Automatic coverage to protect against lapses
  • Stand-alone residential property coverage
  • Stand-alone commercial property coverage
  • Non-participating and suspended community coverage

key benefits of lender-placed PROPERTY insurance

  • Improved profitability - Reduce losses due to lack of coverage in your mortgage portfolio
  • Reduced risks - Mitigate risks incurred when borrowers become non-compliant
  • Dependable service - Expert staff is available to answer and address your questions or concerns


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