Are you looking for more information on new rules and regulations? Access to flood and insurance data? Find the resources you need here.

CFPB Regulations

The CFPB website provides an extensive database of all final and proposed rules and regulations that may affect mortgage lenders. Learn More.


FEMA Disasters

Find current news and information on storms, flooding and other natural disasters and determine if your area will be affected. Learn More.


Final Flood Rule

Read the entire Final Flood Rule document. See details and new requirements that will affect loans for properties located in flood zones and will require escrowing. Learn More.


National Flood Insurance Program Manuals

Database of all current edition and previous editions of the Flood Insurance Manual. The Manual list rules and requirements for flood insurance. Learn More.


National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center website tracks active hurricane storms and provides previous storm data. Find advisories for all areas that may be affected. Learn More.


TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule

The CFPB TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule page provides everything you need to know about the new rule. Find a Compliance Guide, Forms and Samples to help you implement the new rule requirements. Learn More.


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