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Reverse Mortgage Services

Get access to complete tax status information to help you manage reverse mortgage loans at origination and servicing.

Complete & accurate tax information

LERETA's Reverse Mortgage Services ensure your organization adheres to regulatory requirements and mitigates portfolio risks related to delinquent property taxes. Services include Tax Certificates that are provided expeditiously and can be ordered directly from our advanced web portal as well as other methods.


Tax Certificates for reverse mortgages are specifically designed in collaboration with national lenders to comply with all U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) property tax Financial Assessment requirements.

24 Month Payment History + More

  • 24 month property tax payment history on all jurisdictions displaying willingness to pay
  • Parcel information correctly identifying all parcels eliminating potential missed collectors
  • Tax collecting agency information for easy follow-up and resolution when needed
  • Paid or delinquent status for all parcels and jurisdictions for determining set-asides
  • Current tax and delinquent tax amounts due, including penalties and interest for set-asides and closing calculations
  • Validation of county property mailing address for identifying potential borrower residency issues
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