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Standard Tax

Stop paying delinquent tax penalty fees and receive the information you need to get your loan portfolio in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Access & Efficiency

We give you access to real estate tax payment information, due dates and agency contact information to easily track and manage all your property tax tracking needs. It maximizes your team's time while reducing delinquency and penalty fees. 

key benefits of standard property tax tracking:

  • Instant access - Access to online escrow tax amount reports in time to pay installments
  • Plan effectively - Escrow processing cut-off and reporting dates to facilitate planning
  • Complete payment information - Complete tax payment packages in required tax collecting agency format
  • Complete contact information - Agency contact information, payment requirements, due dates and delinquency dates to ensure timely payments
  • Complete loan information - We will identify and provide tax collecting agency and parcel identification numbers for loans missing this data
  • Regular updates - Receive updates on tax collecting agency changes to ensure you always make the correct payment to the correct agency
  • Process payments faster - We will acquire tax bills and amounts due and deliver them electronically to you
  • Maximized efficiency - Boost your team's efficiency and reduce the possibility of delinquent and penalty fees
  • Direct integration - Option to directly integrate to your servicing system and easily transfer and manage tax data
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