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Supplemental Tax Services

Specialized solutions to cover all your real estate tax servicing needs.

menu approach

As part of LERETA's menu approach we offer several supplemental tax services to assist you in tracking and reporting property taxes on your loan portfolio. Services are scalable to fit your organization's needs and keep your borrowers happy.

Tax status reports

One-time Tax Status Reports (TSR) supply the delinquent status of loans that are not in cycle and have not been monitored for property taxes. LERETA will search and provide identifying tax agency and parcel numbers for accurate tracking to eliminate costly delinquent and penalty fees. Reports include:

  • Penalty and interest fees
  • Redemption tax information
  • Current year taxes
  • Delinquent prior year taxes

Tax Line set-up and tax audit

Tax Line Set-Up (TLS) and Tax Audit services help your organization stay in compliance with state and federal requirements and better prepare you for audits. Discrepancies are identified and corrected allowing information to stay up to date.

  • Tax Line Set-up processes your input files and transmits tax line data electronically to your servicing system
  • Tax Auditing analyzes and synchronizes tax data on your loan servicing system in accordance with your business protocols


Tax Certificates for Forward Mortgages allow you to protect your collateral while making payments on behalf of delinquent borrowers by providing the property tax information you need.

  • Tax amount due and due date for each installment confirming accurate amounts and timely payments
  • Paid or delinquent status for all parcels and jurisdictions associated with the loan precisely identifying your tax risk
  • Complete parcel information correctly identifying all parcels
  • Information for all taxing jurisdictions ensuring you are effectively protecting all your collateral
  • Current and prior year taxes managing historical risks

Delinquency Tax Reporting

Our advanced reporting system searches all your loans for delinquent real estate taxes. Reports are timed in accordance with the posting of payments by tax collecting agencies to ensure you make payments in time and minimize delinquency fees and penalties. Delinquency reports are conveniently available online 24/7 and stored on LERETAnet for 3 years.

  • Delinquency reports are flexible and customizable to your organization's needs
  • Easily print customized delinquent letters to borrowers through LERETAnet and notify borrowers quickly
  • We provide a follow-up search 60 days after the annual search and collect redemption amounts to pay
  • Escrowed loans paid back through LERETA are also searched to guarantee borrowers are in compliance

Special Delinquency Reporting

Do you have a special tax reporting project? LERETA provides customized reporting services specifically tailored to meet your organization’s specific goals. Our special reporting services include:

  • Reporting of out of cycle delinquencies and identifying severity levels
  • Option to order complete Tax Status Reports based on the delinquency severity code of each loan
  • Custom delinquency notification letters for your borrowers based on report results

Current Asset Risk Evaluation (C.A.R.E.) Tool

Our Current Asset Risk Evaluation (CARE) Tool provides a snapshot of your portfolio’s current risk exposure to help protect you from tax delinquencies and tax sales. Using the borrower name and property address your portfolio can be searched against our extensive database, including property tax information gathered from over 25,000 tax collecting agencies, to provide current property tax payment status available for your loans. Become aware of potential hidden risks to prevent future losses and make sound decisions when acquiring or selling a loan portfolio. 

The following information is reported when available to help you assess the current risk of your portfolio:

  • Tax collecting agency details including parcel number(s), state code, agency name and payee number 
  • Reported delinquency details including delinquency year, installment number and delinquency amount
  • Penalty and fee details including penalty amount, interest amount and taxes sold
  • Other status related information such as tax sale amount and tax sale date
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