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Tax Insourcing

We provide the data you need while allowing you full control over the tax processing experience.

Data. systems. automation.

Property tax data must be reliable, timely, and accurate. Our tax insourcing services provide just that by integrating our real estate tax data with your loan servicing system's data to provide a single web-based interface for all tax related processing. 

key benefits of tax INSOURCING

  • Total control - Maintain full control over tax process by using your own employees
  • Project management - Implementation planning and project manager support to ensure a smooth conversion
  • Support you need - Comprehensive customer service with phone support, client support for your tax team and follow-up training
  • Guaranteed connection - Our stand-alone system can be used in conjunction with any servicing system
  • Maximized efficiency - Improve employee efficiency by minimizing the time spent gathering real estate tax data
  • Mitigate risks 
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