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Total Escrow Servicing

Leverage our insurance tracking, escrow administration and property tax expertise to maintain control of your customers' loans.

EASY and cost efficient

Total Escrow Servicing (TES) assumes responsibility for tracking, payment of property taxes, insurance, and the maintenance of your escrow loans. Total Escrow Servicing will allow you to service your customers' loans and maintain control of your escrowed funds while eliminating the time your team spends coordinating these efforts.

key benefits of total escrow services

  • Maximum compliance - Satisfy Biggert-Waters Act flood escrow requirements 
  • Maintain control - Continue to collect and hold escrow funds and retain servicing
  • Stay updated - Get notified when payments are due and how much to pay
  • Easy payments - Forward funds to us and we will disburse to the respective parties
  • Confidence in service - Receive monthly reports confirming all funding has been met
  • Access - Find your escrow loan information at any time, on our web portal
  • Statement management - We manage disclosure statements, including Initial Disclosure, Annual Disclosures and Short-Year Statements
  • Mitigate risk - Stop losing assets to default and auction due to unpaid taxes
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