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William Theisinger, Chief Technical Officer

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William Theisinger is chief technical officer who manages all technical aspects of the company and provides technical leadership and training to reach the company’s strategic goals. He plays a pivotal role in bringing technology to the forefront for LERETA and its customers

Theisinger has an established career spanning more than 20 years building and leading innovative solutions in varied business verticals. He has created technology opportunities and delivered effective solutions with tangible business results for decades. Theisinger’s focus at LERETA is building business platforms that allow for a higher level of innovation.

Prior to LERETA, Theisinger worked at YP.com (The Real Yellow Pages) for nearly seven years building large data platforms and the teams to support them. He segued into owning his own business focusing on data platforms and large data processing. Theisinger also worked at tech incubator, IdeaLab in Pasadena, Calif., and GoTo.com, which was eventually bought by Yahoo!. 

Theisinger’s expertise has garnered him various speaking opportunities at technology conferences around the world such as Strata New York, HP Discover in London and CXO Disrupt in Auckland, New Zealand. He has participated on several advisory boards and included in publications such as O’Reilly Media, as well as online resources such as CIO Review, BriefingsDirect, and Datanami.

Theisinger has earned a patent for Advertising Tracking and Alert Systems.

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